Show and tell…

Joyce Kettering emailed this photo of her quilt, Encounters on a Mountain Walk, that she started in 1997. The blocks are from our BOM, A Walk in the Mountains.

Joyce wrote:

It did take me 21 yrs to get it completed, meanly because I did not like the border that you all had for it.  It took many yrs, to decide what I did  want. A friend  helped me to design this border. It is entirely hand appliqued and hand quilted. I enjoyed  working on it most of the time! I am soooo glad that I did it!

I do love the border that Joyce came up with. It is truly special! Thank you, Joyce, for sharing it with us all.

9 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Joyce, if I made a quilt that exquisite the buttons would be flying off my shirt! You can be so proud of your beautiful work.


  2. A stunning quilt. The border is really nice and frames the quilt just right. Good job. I hate to admit but I have a few UFO’s about that old that maybe you have inspired me to complete, one of these days.


  3. An extremely beautiful quilt! I like it very much. When I sit down to do some quilting, it is supposed to relax me, so I take my time. So did you. And the result is just perfect.
    Stay healthy, Birgitt from Germany


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