Wednesday Giveaway

Angela Short is this week’s lucky winner and she will receive a package of Long Fine Pins from Little House. They really are long, and very fine but not so bendy that they are hard to use. I use them for some machine piecing and occasionally for applique—especially with wool applique where a long pin is useful.

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131 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. The tin the pins come in is more useful to me than the pins themselves. I would use the pins, of course, but I am an avid “tin collector” and have about 1 dozen of the small tins like the one pictured. Thanks for all your Wednesday giveaways! Enjoy every one.


  2. I love this blog, mostly seeing all of the completed quilts by other “amateur” quilters. They are really an inspiration for me to get moving on my own UFO’s or to start something new!!


  3. The right tools for the job no matter the job make all the difference in the world! That includes nail files,scissors and pins!


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