Show and tell…

From Pam Washburn who said: “Just wanted to show you that I finally completed the Unicorn quilt. I bought the pattern from you when you came to the Wichita quilt guild. My granddaughter Harper turned 6 this May and she loved the quilt. Thanks so much.”

I love it and am so happy that you shared it with us! Your granddaughter will treasure this quilt all her life. Well done!

14 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Would I ever put this needle threader to good use! It would be a great win.
    The unicorn quilt is darling…I have one almost finished and the picture spurs me on…
    Love the picture of Jim too!


  2. We all need help with needles. Jim looks pleased. We used to tie a length of clothesline to the end of our cat’s leash and tie the clothesline to a stake in the yard. It extended her roaming area. (The things we do for our pets, huh?)


  3. Could sure use the needle threader. Tried several times to thread a needle before my 10 year old neighbor handed me a cheater needle (the needle that allows you to snap the thread in from the top). She smiled and reminded me that I had taught her about that needle when she first came to my house over a year ago and wanted to learn to sew by hand and by my new Janome machine. It has been a pleasure to share my love of sewing (and my fabric stash) with an excited young person.


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