Show and tell…

This is Anne Schulz’s Magican Unicorn quilt. She used a colorful print in the background instead of appliqueing the rainbow stripes. The quilt is really cute done that way!

Anne did all the quilting on her domestic machine. Thank you Anne—and Pat, who sent in the photo with Anne’s permission—for sharing your quilt with us. Well done!

Show and tell…

From Pam Washburn who said: “Just wanted to show you that I finally completed the Unicorn quilt. I bought the pattern from you when you came to the Wichita quilt guild. My granddaughter Harper turned 6 this May and she loved the quilt. Thanks so much.”

I love it and am so happy that you shared it with us! Your granddaughter will treasure this quilt all her life. Well done!

Show and tell…

Unicorns really are magical! They appear, kind of out of the blue, to put a smile on your face :-).

Susanne Hilton sent me this picture of the unicorn quilt she made for her granddaughter, who loves it! Susanne said “it was so fun to make!!”

I love Susanne’s fabric choices! Well done, and very smile-inducing.

I’ve spotted a magical unicorn quilt!

Debbie Stubbs shared these pictures of the magical unicorn quilt that she made for her granddaughter, Avery, for her 4th birthday. Avery is a very lucky little girl! 

And look at that unicorn cake!

Thank you, Debbie, for sharing these pictures of your quilt. You made a wonderful quilt that Avery is sure to treasure.

What do you want from a kit?

The Magical Unicorn pattern is scheduled for release in August – yay!!! I’ve already had requests for kits and I’m working on it but I need to know what sort of kit you would like.


There are two block sizes in the pattern (35″ x 35″ and 50″ x 50″). This quilt has the 35″ x 35″ block and 5″ wide borders making the finished quilt 45″ x 45″. The block is constructed on a white base layer that can be cut away after the shapes are sewn down. I machine appliquéd my quilt but you could hand appliqué if you prefer.

If I was buying a kit for this quilt, I would want larger pieces of fabric to work from. There would be fat quarters plus other pieces both bigger and smaller. These cuts would be big enough to allow for shrinkage for those (like me) who always prewash. There would be leftover fabric because of the scrappy nature of this quilt.

The unicorn and flower appliqué shapes could come as fabric pieces OR they could be laser-cut and ready to fuse. The downside to fusing is that the base layer cannot be cut away and the quilt will be a bit heavier.

So my question to you is, what kind of Magical Unicorn kit would you buy? I thank you in advance for letting me know your thoughts.