Wednesday Giveaway

Carol is this week’s lucky winner! She will receive a Lo-Lo Cuticle Intensive Stick because it is the best product that I know of to keep your cuticles smooth and soft and happy. And with all the hand washing and cooler weather now is definitely the time to use it!

If you are not Carol and you would like a Cuticle Intensive of your very own, click here.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

110 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. This is certainly something I NEED … I’d love to have my name selected!
    I enjoy your e-mails and videos (and your books!!) Thanks for the advice you share – Robin


  2. Loved your virtual meeting with Great Lakes Heritage and looking forward to using products I ordered and your blog in months going forward, Could sure use this product.


  3. I would love to try this new stick as I am washing my hands so much now and would hope it would help my dry cuticles. Your toys are wonderful!


  4. I would love to try this cubical stick. I told my niece (my hairdresser) that I want my cuticles to look like hers. She told me I have very thick cuticles like her father


  5. Cuticles! Looking at my cuticles and your article about more hand washing certainly answers my thoughts of why my cuticles such a mess! With orangewood stick in hand, I’m on my way to get the oil for a ‘stop gap’ measure hoping to win your favorite cuticle fix. Please pick me! Thanks in advance.


  6. I’ve tried cuticle oil, but it doesn’t seem to stay on long enough to do any good. I’d like to try this stick, to see if it works better. Belated condolences on the loss of your MIL. It’s great that you were able to all get together to celebrate her life.


  7. Stitching with silk embroidery floss is not in my future for awhile. Hand sanitizer and fall yard work have really done a number on my hands. I would love to try this cuticle product. The box that Steve made for his mom is so simple and beautiful-made with love.


  8. My nails and cuticles are awful. I truly need to take better care of them. This would be a great start. I always love to see you emails and wonderful pictures of little Jim.


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