Show and tell… Bullseye and Sizzle

Debbie Poole has been busy! When I opened her email I actually said ‘Wow!’ out loud! This is her Bullseye quilt… It gets your attention, doesn’t it?!

The color combination is thoughtful and interesting. And I love the way the colors jump off of the light white/cream fabric spread throughout. Very cool. You can find the pattern here:

I do teach an online Bullseye class. If you are interested, click here.

Debbie also sent this photo of her finished Sizzle quilt. It is similar to but different from the colors I used in my version of the quilt. I really like the way the lime green pops in this quilt. You can find the book here:

There are free how-to videos that go with the Sizzle book. You can find them soon with my classes on Creative Spark. Until then, you can find them on YouTube. Go to YouTube, search for C&T Publishing to find their channel. Once there, type in Sizzle in the search box.

Thank you, Debbie, for sharing your lovely quilts with us! Well done, you!

6 thoughts on “Show and tell… Bullseye and Sizzle

  1. Love the Bullseye quilt in green, but then I think green is my favorite color. Great contrast throughout, and Debbie also did a lovely job on the Sizzle quilt.


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