Binding Tricks…

I shared my favorite time saving binding tricks in last week’s Time Out. Here it is, in case you missed it…

You can find all the my past Time Out session on YouTube… I think this link will take you to the playlist with all the videos.

5 thoughts on “Binding Tricks…

  1. Great tips, but the big question I have is how you go about trimming the quilt so that the backing and batting are larger. That seems like it would be quite difficult.

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    • Not at all! I line a ruler up either with the raw edge of the top or, better, with a seam line near the edge. Just add about 1/4” beyond the raw edges.

      If your edges are not straight (which can happen with quilts that have been quilted on a long arm machine) you’ll use a ruler to square up the edges, right? Just add the extra 1/4” when you trim. When you place the binding on the quilt top to pin and sew, let the excess backing and batting extend 1/4” beyond the raw edges. Pretend it’s not there and sew the binding to the top as you would otherwise.

      I hope that makes sense :-).


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  2. I hate putting binding on so was glad to see your way. I t looks a heck of a lot easier than all the fancy stuff I’ve tried to do with the help of quilter friends ….forget that! That waz part of my problem, trying to do it perfect! Thank you so much because I am almost done with a hand quilted one!

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