Show and tell… Bullseye!

Maureen Moore Scheevel finished her Bullseye quilt top. She was in my virtual class with her guild, the Austin Area Quilters Guild. Here’s Maureen’s pieced top with all 7 rings. Isn’t it amazing!!!!

I especially love the yellow woven through the quilt… bright in the center, calmer, that a little higher intensity. It adds life and movement to the whole quilt. Maureen, you made a winner! Well done and thank you for sharing your quilt with us!

You can find my Bullseye Class on Creative Spark!

11 thoughts on “Show and tell… Bullseye!

  1. Wow! That’s the second quilt you’ve shown recently from the Austin guild. I live just north of Austin and am going to recommend you do this workshop for my guild – I already have your pattern, so just waiting!!


  2. Lovely interpretation of the Bullseye pattern. I so admire the skill of those who are willing to take on this pattern. I think it would give me headaches. Becky is a wonderful teacher.


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