Gardens + Imagination = Excellent Game for Kids!

This cheerful Gathering a Garden game is a breath of fresh air! Take a trip to each vendor to gather some flowers, vegetables, and more for your bounty of garden delights. Lorna tells me that the game is so inviting that when Chris (my son, her husband, father to the kids) got home and it was still on the table, he played with the kids… during dinner! which he never does.

I have a few games in stock for right now in celebration of spring and Easter. It is for ages 5 and up, no plastic pieces. Shop here for Gathering a Garden.

This game is from eeBoo, a woman-owned specialty toy and gift company based in New York City committed to designing products that encourage curiosity, imagination, and creativity in people of all ages. Gathering a Garden is a winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award.

5 thoughts on “Gardens + Imagination = Excellent Game for Kids!

  1. Thank you Becky for mentioning this a couple of weeks ago. Your staff was so nice when they got my order and shipped it out quickly. It arrived yesterday!! Just in time for my granddaughters 5th birthday. she wants to play board games with the “big” kids, and this looks very appealing. She helps her daddy in the vegetable garden, and I imagine there will be some interesting conversations about plants. Thanks for introducing & carrying such a lovely product.


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