Challenges that Delight

The Form & Color toy is great fun wrapped around an activity that makes anyone, young or old, use your brain. Kids love it and surprisingly enough, I do too. What makes this special is that the half-square triangle shapes are tangible, you can feel their shape, and easily move them around.

This is an excellent gift for anyone 5 and up. It’s fun to play with kids, or without. Click here to find this and other wonderful toys on my site.

Speaking of games… Bear found the Pirate Magnetic Figures set, on his own, opened it up and started playing with them! Notice the pirates are not wearing their boots… Bear mostly won’t wear shoes.

The figures and clothes are sturdy and backed with a magnet sheet. They stick to the printed interior of the tin or to other metal surfaces that work with magnets.

Kids will surprise you if you leave them to play on their own. Before long, Bear has added the Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls that my mom (his great-grandmother) made back in the day with her button box.

And this is why these toys are so wonderful! They spark creative play!

Click here to find these and more excellent toys on my site.

Friends, Fun, and Learning!

We have new toys on the site! And when I say “we”, what I really mean is that Lorna and Judy have ordered toys for the site. They love toys from eeBoo —they’re pretty and sturdy and smart— and they know some of you do as well.

Bear got to open the Solar System Puzzle yesterday.

His friends came over to play with him. You can feel the puzzle coming together,

They are very cute, and the puzzle is entertaining.

They were super excited to read the facts on the puzzle that explain the solar system in clear language. Isn’t if great when fun and learning come together!

Click here to find all of the puzzle, games, and stocking stuffers that we currently have in stock.

Gardens + Imagination = Excellent Game for Kids!

This cheerful Gathering a Garden game is a breath of fresh air! Take a trip to each vendor to gather some flowers, vegetables, and more for your bounty of garden delights. Lorna tells me that the game is so inviting that when Chris (my son, her husband, father to the kids) got home and it was still on the table, he played with the kids… during dinner! which he never does.

I have a few games in stock for right now in celebration of spring and Easter. It is for ages 5 and up, no plastic pieces. Shop here for Gathering a Garden.

This game is from eeBoo, a woman-owned specialty toy and gift company based in New York City committed to designing products that encourage curiosity, imagination, and creativity in people of all ages. Gathering a Garden is a winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award.