Show and tell…

Louann Young shared her finished quilts from Hand Sewing. She was one of the original Hand Sewing Adventurers and she wrote:

What a fun quilt it was to make with a group of very supportive fellow quilters. Thanks for the opportunity!

Louann, I love the colors you chose! I don’t sew with purple much, so it is especially nice to see it use so well by you.

I especially love your documentation patch! I asked and Louann used a Pigma pen to hand write all the important information on it. In her own handwriting! It’s is nice touch to make it round to fit it into the print on the back of the quilt!

Thank you for sharing your amazing quilt with us! Your quilt is perfect!

15 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Thank you all for your kind words. Becky helped us every step of the way with her wonderful videos. I’m looking forward to seeing her book on this quilt.

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