Show and tell…

Gail Rowland wrote to say:

I wanted to email you long before now. I truly enjoyed making this quilt with all my heart. I’ll admit I made some errors…. The biggest was jumping in without all my fabrics selected. Some struggle in that area but learned some much. 

Thank you for designing a wonderful very versatile composition. I have seen your pattern done in many color ways with much success. I can imagine that feels so good. 

Gail’s quilt was a winner in the Dallas Quilt Show where I was a judge. Her quilt is as pretty in person as it is here! Below is a photo of the quilt wearing it’s ribbon:

Gail embroidered around many of the lighter applique shapes which helped them to be more visible against the background. It is a nice touch!

Thank you, Gail, for sharing your quilt at the show and here! FYI: the pattern is Aunt MIllie’s Garden and you can find the epattern here.

Mystery needles…

Kristina asked me to talk about needles in Time Out and that’s what I did yesterday, May 19. Here it is, in case you missed it. (If there is something you would like me to talk about in time out, send me an email.

Martha Bigley commented to remind me that the needles shown in the Needle Guide are life-size. That is really helpful and I wish I had mentioned that in the video. I will add, though, that needles vary in thickness and length from company to company which means that your mystery needles may not match those in the guide. But it definitely does point you in the right direction!

Click here to find needles.

Click here to find the free patterns for the needle caddies.

Show and tell…

Louann Young shared her finished quilts from Hand Sewing. She was one of the original Hand Sewing Adventurers and she wrote:

What a fun quilt it was to make with a group of very supportive fellow quilters. Thanks for the opportunity!

Louann, I love the colors you chose! I don’t sew with purple much, so it is especially nice to see it use so well by you.

I especially love your documentation patch! I asked and Louann used a Pigma pen to hand write all the important information on it. In her own handwriting! It’s is nice touch to make it round to fit it into the print on the back of the quilt!

Thank you for sharing your amazing quilt with us! Your quilt is perfect!

Show and Tell…

Andrea Gardner sent me this photo of her Hand Sewing quilt and I love it so much! She chose colors that are so different from mine and it makes me see the quilt with new eyes. Andrea wrote:

Thank you Becky for this challenge! It was certainly one for me😂. Many of these blocks were trashed, pulled out several times. Instead of throwing it all away, I finally decided to make this work for me. It’s a mess but from afar okay. Her name? Ms Cinquante Pied de Page. That’s French for Ms Fifty Footer…things always sound better to me in French!

We are all way too hard on ourselves. Andrea, you made a wonderful quilt! the colors are great, the blocks look good, and I like the quilt without the baskets and the outer borders. You did great! Give yourself a hug and enjoy it :-). Thank you for sharing your quilt with us!

If you missed it, click here to find the Hand Sewing book that has these blocks inside :-).

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