I have a mold question…

Do you remember the giant winter storm we had in Texas, in February? It turns out that Lorna and Chris had a small pipe break that went unnoticed long enough that now there is mold under the house.

The pipe is fixed and the space is drying out, but they need to find a mold-abatement company—as do a whole lot of other people. Getting someone to even return a call is kind of a problem.

Do any of you have a recommendation of who they can contact in the Sherman, McKinney, or Dallas area? If so, please do email me at becky.pieceocake@gmail.com

It doesn’t look that bad as winter storms go, does it? It was so much worse than it looks.

4 thoughts on “I have a mold question…

  1. Just looks normal for me, but I did live in Austin for 30 years (’73 to ’03) and I can remember 2 tiny snow storms that whole time!!!


  2. I live in East Texas we were without power for 5 days and the daily high temp was in the 20’s. The house got down to 50 with a wood stove. I’ve lived here for over 30 years and never seen anything like it and hope not to see it again. Usually a cold snap/snow storm lasts for 2 days and we’re back to normal!! All I can say is that I’m getting too old for this!!!! Fortunately we didn’t have any damage but lots of limbs down.


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