I am helping my friend, MJ Kinman, spread the word about Mighty Magnus and his big, beautiful dino buddies! The patterns are cute and perfect for dinosaur-loving kids of all ages.

Textile artist Annette Frye created 6 adorable quilt patterns to honor her great-nephew Magnus. Little Magnus was born with a genetic condition. After a valiant battle, Annette’s sweet boy left this world when he was only 2 years old. Annette’s desire to honor her little “Mighty Magnus” culminated in these 6 joyful patterns that she’s delighted to share with all of us.

In addition to being adorable, Annette’s patterns are very “do-able”. She originally designed them with freezer paper piecing techniques, copying the patterns onto Freezer Paper Sheets. But English Paper Piecing lovers can create them, too by copying the patterns onto EPP Specialty Paper and cutting them apart into the paper shapes.

Click here to find the patterns on MJ’s site.

There’s a free Sew-Along! Click here to register.

Watch the video below of MJ and Annette for more info. Happy Dino-stitching!

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