Show and tell…

Jane Harris sent me a photo of her newly-finished Searching for Beauty Covid 19 quilt. She wrote:

As you can see i have the first block as Covid 19 and several (8) more blocks to represent the new strains such as the Uk virus, Brazil strain and the African strain. Thanks for inspiring us.

Jane’s idea to use fabric to illustrate the different variants is brilliant! Well done, Jane, all round and thank you for sharing your quilt with us!

If you haven’t found them yet, the free Searching for Beauty patterns are here on my site and here with the videos (and no ads) on Creative Spark.

3 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. I would never have thought to make a piece like this one and now that I see it here in print I’m going to try and always remember that all things inspire us in this world, even a worldly virus. The imagination has no limits. Quilting is truly an art form at it’s finest.


  2. What a lovely rendition! Thanks to you and to Becky for helping us find a way to see some beauty in these trying times.


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