What’s in a Stocking?

A stocking full of small, thoughtful gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas morning. I love filling stockings almost as much as I love opening the presents in my own stocking.

Presents overflowing stockings is completely normal 🙂

Here are some ideas to get the shopping juices flowing:

Do you like games? Bananagrams is like Scrabble—but different. The letters come in a small banana-shaped bag. No board, everyone plays on the space in front of them. There are rules, which can be selectively enforced depending on who you are playing with. Shop at Target or Amazon. This and Exploding Kittens are our go-to holiday games and both are great in a stocking.

I for sure recommend an LED Dimmer Light for everyone. This “light switch” comes in handy for all kinds of places—in a dark cabinet, by a bed, or in a closet. They are also really handy during a power outage.

Blackwing Pencils, a Two-Step Sharpener, or a fancy One-Step Sharpener, would be a happy surprise in any stocking. If you’ve got several stockings to fill, one box of pencils could be split.

Who doesn’t love a notebook?! You can combine a pretty set of small notebooks from Danica to go with some pencils!

Zipper Pulls go on little zip bags and pouches you make, but also, just any zipper, on a purse, a backpack, or a Yazzii Bag. I have several sets of zipper pulls, designed by the women from the Ruby Star Society: Kimberly, Melody, Rashida and Sarah.

And funny buttons… every stocking needs funny buttons!

I have a Toys and a Stocking Stuffers page up on the site. Have fun shopping!

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