Wednesday Giveaway

Therese is this week’s winner and she is going to receive a set of 12 rainbow colored Wonder Clips… because they are wonderful :-). I use them in a variety of ways but this size is especially suited for holding your binding in place to sew it to the back of the quilt whether by hand or machine.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

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Show and Tell…

This lovely Simply Delicious quilt was sent to me by Dana Toulson Leech. She wrote:

Hi Becky,
You asked me to send a picture of the fruit quilt once I finished it. Well, that happened yesterday! Thank you for all of the beautiful designs. They were really fun to do and it taught me a lot about applique. 
I purchased kits for all of the blocks except the tomato. For that one, I used the pattern I ordered from you along with my stash. I also added a wedge to the cantaloupe and embroidered a few seeds in the middle. 
This quilt is destined for my 96-year-old mother — to brighten up her room at the assisted living home.
Cheers and thanks again! Dana   

We all know that Dana’s mother is going to cherish this quit, and everyone who comes into her space is going to enjoy it too. Well done, Dana, and congrats on the finish! Thank you for sharing your quilt, and the story behind it, with us!

Click here to find the Simply Delicious ePatterns.

Vintage-Inspired Needle Caddies

On April 14’s Time Out I showed how to make these way-cute needle caddies…

Click here to find the pattern with the templates.

Suzanne Rettler emailed yesterday with photos and a story. I am impressed!

I really loved your needle keeper video.  Thanks for sharing that pattern.   Are you interested in what people do with it?  I knew I didn’t want to attempt the scalloped one, so I made the pointy one and it works great.

But that scalloped one was just so darn cute, looking like a heart when closed, and a flower when open.  I tried one- not so good.  Then I tried putting it in my embroidery machine- much better, but the opening where I turned it was still an embarrassment.  So I added a tab at the top, and left that open for turning.  (A straight line!  Yay).  But I made the tab too narrow, and couldn’t turn it right side out. Duh.

I’ve seen versions of this style of needle caddy with a tab and it does work. You can use velcro or a snap to make it stay closed.

Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your sewing adventure! I love seeing what you all make and I know others do as well :-).