Pictures from my trip to Greece…

I went to the island of Paros on May 23rd to take a 300-hour yoga teacher training class from the Soma Yoga Institute. We stayed at the Okreblue Retreat Center. I did post on Instagram and Facebook, but this is the first chance I’ve had to post anything on my blog because we were busy every day from 6:30AM to 8:00PM. We did have 3 days off and there was time to eat, but mostly, we were super busy every day until June 17.

The dining area was open-air and had a great view. The yoga shalas were big, airy, and well equipped. And here you see me upside-down using two chairs to protect my neck. I’m a big believer in neck protection :-).

I took lots of photos of this road because I liked the look of it and I walked it multiple times a day. Paros is dry and kind of dusty but there were lots of plants growing.

All of the following places were a very short walk from Okreblue. Andrea (my travel companion) and I rented chairs under the umbrellas to celebrate finishing the course.

Greece has cats… so many cats. They are like chickens on Kauai.

Naoussa was the nearest town and it is lovely in the classically Greek way. It was walking distance (about 2 miles). Sometimes we walked but mostly we took a taxi.

Before coming back to Texas, we spent a day in Athens. I went to the Acropolis and it was interesting! The caryatids were my favorites.

And everywhere were small churches… so many…

This is a really short tour that I hope gives you a sense of what I saw :-). I’m glad I went, and I’m happy to be home. I learned so much that I can’t wait to use when I teach yoga :-).

13 thoughts on “Pictures from my trip to Greece…

  1. So happy you enjoyed yourself! I had Covid last week and my husband landed in the hospital with pneumonia and COVID. After several heart attacks and many recussitations he made it home. I traveled to Greece through your photos and enjoyed my trip too! Best regards, Pam Williams, Memphis Tennessee


    • Pam, I’m so sorry your husband went through that! I’m happy that he’s home and I hope the recuperation goes well.

      I’m also happy that you enjoyed the pictures. Greece truly is lovely to look at—at least parts of it are :-).



  2. What a beautiful place. Any chance you might do some online yoga classes for those of us who do not live in Texas?


  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of Greece, Becky. I am impressed with the shoulder stand. The calico looks like the one we had except ours didn’t have a tail, but I think we can be fairly certain she didn’t run off to Greece! Thanks again. It must have been an amazing time for you.


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