NYC in July…

I’m here in the big city to take care of Ted, Jeff’s cat. He and I are getting along very well because I feed him on schedule. He would like to be fed more often but he’s a big guy (18 lbs) and he really should not be snacking. He does not believe that is true 🤣.

I’ve been out in Central Park and in the area west and south of there. I’ve walked many of these streets before but it’s not hard to find something new to notice.

Made to Bethesda Fountain…

There were lots of people out and about on Sunday. Lots of people sitting on the grassy areas. I live where just the idea of sitting in grass makes me itch. Chiggers. If you don’t have them where you live, count yourself blessed.

And then there are the random fun things…

This morning I got to an amazing gluten free bakery, Modern Bread and Bagel. I came home with a slice of cinnamon bread and a bagel. Oh, my, the cinnamon bread is amazing. I’m going to do something with the bagel for dinner.

The icing is not necessary—but it’s good :-).

I will be out and about more through the rest of the week and will post more photos here and on Instagram and FB :-). Right now I have to get back to work!

22 thoughts on “NYC in July…

  1. Hi Becky,
    I’m in Philadelphia for a a few weeks. Heading to NYC for some Broadway binging. You must keep an eye out for a La Colombe coffee shop. Oat milk latte on draught is an exquisite experience and I’m not being dramatic!


  2. Ted is almost twice the size of my Bolognes dog!!! cute the way you found things to report on your walk….. here in Texas any walk is just hot and my brain does not try harder. Enjoy your work.


  3. Dear Ted…. A tuxedo cat! Does he play fetch?
    In the first statue photo, I think the outstretched arms were the invitation the pigeons noticed. Not so much in statue around the corner. 🙂


  4. I lived in Connecticut for 30 years and miss it and New York. I love to travel there again through your travel logs and photos! Thank you! Pam Williams


  5. NYC is a walking town for sure. The subway+buses are frequent too if needed. Glad to know you were able to help your son and Ted. I know what you mean about the bugs, but I remember what it is like to sit with friends on real grass in summer where I lived for my first 25yr.


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