Jim, the destructor…

I recently bought matelasee bedspread that doubles as a nice, light-weight blanket. I love it and it was totally perfect until Jim decided to take a running jump at the corner of the bed.

OMG… And then he did the same thing on the other side. This is why I don’t have quilts on the beds!

I decided to use my sewing skills to mend the rips with thread. I knew the mends would show, so I embraced it. The gray #8 perle cotton is a little darker than the spread and, yes, indeed, those stitches show at every rip on both corners of the bed.

Surprisingly, the mends don’t bother me nearly as much as the rips did. And it doesn’t hurt that I now have a fake fur throw at the bottom of the bed.

It’s gotten cold so the fur throw is coming in handy. And if Jim goes after it with his claws, it won’t hurt it.

Stupid cat. Sigh.

24 thoughts on “Jim, the destructor…

  1. Jim is a beautiful cat but he’s sure done a lot of naughty things since you gave him a home! (That was the luckiest day in his life!)


  2. Uggh…i so understand. My 3 cats have destroyed my sofa!! I was never a cat person but i agreed to take my son’s 2 cats and then a neighbour’s cat who realized she was allergic to her! I do love them though but my house is looking pretty sad!!


    • We put up with these creatures in our homes because they make us laugh and provide companionship. We overlook that they are sometimes destructive. I doubt Jim learned any lesson here, but maybe you did. We pet-loving quilters just can’t have nice things.


      • Actually, you wouldn’t notice that I have cats by my other furniture. He and Belle are pretty good and I have double-stick tape deterrents on a couple of chairs that work well. And cool wood protectors on the arms of the sofa that double as tiny little side tables. But the bed… he can get rough with whatever is on it.


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  3. I have empathy and totally understand. I have 3 cats. Only 2 sleep on the bed with us. There are small holes in quilts but also need to be washed more often but in our more open weave blanket that works in hot and cooler weather there are stretch marks. So yes, what cat lovers have to put up with…


  4. If Jim leaves anymore “ gifts” do some visible mending ala Sashiko style…or find a pattern for a leaping cat, cut from wool ( cream or a color) and applique over the spots…..
    No matter we love our pets!!


  5. I had a similar problem with a Hawaiian quilt I was quilting. I am the culprit, however. I snipping a thread when quilting, I accidentally made a small (1/2 inch) cut in the quilt top. I had some of the fabric from cutting out behind the applique, and I learned that if you used threads from that fabric, the repair would be less apparent. It worked great. Lets hope Jim doesn’t make and more flying leaps and damages other quilts.


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