Jim, the destructor…

I recently bought matelasee bedspread that doubles as a nice, light-weight blanket. I love it and it was totally perfect until Jim decided to take a running jump at the corner of the bed.

OMG… And then he did the same thing on the other side. This is why I don’t have quilts on the beds!

I decided to use my sewing skills to mend the rips with thread. I knew the mends would show, so I embraced it. The gray #8 perle cotton is a little darker than the spread and, yes, indeed, those stitches show at every rip on both corners of the bed.

Surprisingly, the mends don’t bother me nearly as much as the rips did. And it doesn’t hurt that I now have a fake fur throw at the bottom of the bed.

It’s gotten cold so the fur throw is coming in handy. And if Jim goes after it with his claws, it won’t hurt it.

Stupid cat. Sigh.

When the dog eats the quilt, visible mending for the win!

April, grandson Jack’s dog, ate a hole in his bed quilt. Deep sigh. This is the dog-eaten hole. Notice the irregular stitches that I used to sew together the tears on either side of the hole.

Follow the progression of the fix in the following photos. It took about 2 hours plus a few miuntes to machine quilt over the patches.

I meant for the patch to blend but not be invisible and that worked. When Jack and I put the quilt on his bed, we almost couldn’t find the patch—but then we found it :-). Jack was as impressed as a nearly 15-year-old boy can be 🤣🤣🤣.

The moral of the story is not to put off this sort of mending. It goes fast and it’s very satisfying.

Wowie Zowie, from Piecing the POC Way, 2nd ed.— before April ate it.