Show and tell, Stars in the Garden…

From Marian Phelps:

I thought I would share my quilt with you.  I started it over 10 years ago in Virginia. My granddaughters would visit from Colorado every summer for several months. After work I would pick them up from the child minder and take them to the community pool. (Micky’s pool, as they called it). He was a friend who offered us free access to his community pool, his children had grown and no longer used it and he still had to pay for it as part of his homeowner’s dues.

I would bring my Stars in the Garden blocks with me to hand applique, after watching your videos, I found a sense of peace of mind and a soothing experience. 

I started to quilt it  3 months ago and hated what I did, so spent hours with my ‘quicker picker, back sewer’ taking it all out. Decided on 1 inch blocks around the applique and I had a little help!

His name is Gloomy!  I enjoy your Jim shots and thought you would enjoy mine.

Thank you Marian for sharing your beautiful quilt—and Gloomy!—with us. I am certain that I’m not the only one with a grin on my face :-). Your quilt is cheerful and beautifully made. Well done, you! And lovely that you have such nice memories woven into it. I’ll bet it is great to sleep under.

Happy stitching to you and everyone reading this post! If you are interested in the Stars in the Garden ePattern, click here.

16 thoughts on “Show and tell, Stars in the Garden…

  1. Marian, this quilt is simply gorgeous. Like you, I have stories that I associate with my quilts, especially those that span a long period of time. I love having those stories pop into my head whenever I look at the quilt. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work!


  2. Marian, I loved seeing your bright and beautiful quilt and your adorable kitty too! Show a quilt to a cat and the cat will be on it! You have done beautiful appliqué work and can be very proud of it. Thank you for sharing the great pictures!


  3. Congratulation on finishing your quilt after a 10-year hiatus, Marian. It is lovely and Gloomy definitely is enthralled with it as well. Applique can be a relaxing effort.


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