Show and tell… Backyard Birds

Many thanks to the talented Margery Tadder who has shared her lovely quilt with us! She emailed to say:

Being a bird watcher I just had to make a Backyard Birds quilt, and what a cheery addition to my home! I love the bright colors and the happy look of it. It was fun sewing the cute birds although at age 92 my manual dexterity is not what it used to be! So, did resort to machine appliqué on a few of the tinier pieces and circles. I also turned one bird into a magpie because they are so prevalent in my neighborhood.

Margery Tadder

I love this happy quilt! The addition of the magpie is perfect, and it is well-placed. And I must add that I sincerely hope to be appliqueing when I am 92! Well done, Margery, and thank you for sharing your wonderful quilt with us!

Click here if you would like to find the Backyard Birds pattern.

Show and tell…

Gail Ghiozzi just sent me this photo of the cute Dandelion kit that she recently finished. She said: “It is so CUTE!  The directions were quite detailed which enabled me to complete this level 3 Kit. I’m glad you had them on your website.” 

I agree that little Miss Dandelion is very cute and, Gail, you did a beautiful job in sewing her together. Thank you for sharing!

The kit is from Threadfollower and I do still have some of the animals on my website. If they run out, you can find more at the Threadfollower site.

Show and tell…

This is Brenda Rithmire’s Searching for Beauty quilt that she made and neamed “Color in Covid”. Well done, Brenda! Barbara Black was at the guild meeting and got Brenda’s permission to share this photo. Thanks you to both Brenda and Barbara for sharing :-).

Quilted Covid is a lot better than virus-Covid! If you are interested in the free pattern and videos that go with it you can find it on my website, on my youtube channel, and/or on Creative Spark. May you stay healthy and stitch happily :-).