Elanor’s bedroom…

For Easter, instead of buying more “stuff” for her, I asked Elanor if she wanted me to help her redecorate her bedroom. She thought that was a great idea. Elanor loved the color I used in my dining room so that’s what we used.

She uses an antique bedroom set that I got from my grandmother in her room. It’s pretty! The Sweet Pea quilt, from our book Curl Up Quilts, is hanging on her wall. The curtains from her “old” bedroom work well in this new room.

I painted these fun flowers on one wall. The new duvet covers (and quilts at the end of each bed) help to pull it all together. Elanor likes her new room so much that she’s keeping it neat and tidy – which makes her Nana (and her parents) very happy.

3 thoughts on “Elanor’s bedroom…

  1. What a special bedroom Elanor has now. Due to her love of color, she is bound to grow up being an artist and of course, a quilter.


  2. What wonderful memories you have with your grandaughter and she has with you! I grew up sleeping in my great grandmother’s bed and I still have it in our spare room. Its an unusual size in between a double and a single. Love the color you and Elanor enjoy so much.


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