A winner, and another chance to win!

Lisa Boyer is the lucky winner of the box of crumbs. She was chosen by my very favorite random number generator—my mom. Once I explained to mom why she had just picked a number, she was very excited. Mom loves this sort of thing :-). Lisa, if you didn’t get my email, contact me at becky@pieceocake.com. I need your shipping address.

I have one more item on my desk that needs a home. This is an almost-finished small quilt. I made this quilt to illustrate a point, but it didn’t really do what I needed. I was in a rush and thought that maybe I could make it work but when I got around to quilting it, I had to admit that it just wasn’t going to work in the book. Luckily I had time to make a different quilt. But what to do with this quilt?


I call it Hopscotch. It’s simple and graphic, and about 32″ square. I started quilting it in a variegated rose/red King Tut cotton thread. My intention was to unify the dark and white areas of the quilt. I think with more quilting, it would do that. Or, it could be quilted differently. The lucky winner is free to rip out the quilting I have done in favor of something else.


Unfortunately, I don’t have time to finish this quilt. I do not want to add it to my (small) pile of UFOs. I’m hoping that one of you would love to have it.

Included with the layered, partially quilted quilt is most of a cone of the King Tut quilting thread that I started with, fabric cut for the sleeve, and black and white bias binding, ready to attach. Here’s Belle, keeping watch over the folded quilt (with the back showing), the sleeve, thread, and binding.


As before, leave a comment and mom will choose a number, this time on Wednesday.

86 thoughts on “A winner, and another chance to win!

  1. I would be proud to complete a Becky Goldsmith Quilt. Your mom is lucky to have important roles to play in your life, still.


  2. Great size to do some quilting on domestic machine. I just can’t handle anything much larger as I am learning to machine quilt.


  3. I would love to be a winner. I live across the street from your aunt Helen so it would be fun to show her the finished product.


  4. Such a cute little quilt, I almost feel sorry for it, it’s leaving home with all it’s bags packed but it doesn’t know where it’s going. LOL


  5. C’mon Becky’s Mom; pick MY number! LOL! I love graphic design. Since I can’t draw, it’s pretty much the only design I can do… so would love to own and finish this quilt especially since Becky made it – wooowooo! Thanks!

    Go Becky’s Mom!


  6. Hugs to your lovely, Belle. She looks like our rescue, Marcie. Thanks, for a chance. This quilt would help me to practice my FMQ. Really like the flower motif you have started.


  7. I’m not sure if I can machine quilt as well as you but it sure would be fun to try to finish this! I’m sure my kitty could take over to keep watch too.


  8. Thank you Becky, I would love to finish the quilt. Looks like it could be a Wee Care Quilt for our neonatal department of our local hospital.


  9. would love to have a quilt that is mostly finished & honored to finish it. I don’t have the time to quilt much due to my husbands health, he has metastatic cancer. The colors would certainly cheer me up and be perfect for my current caregiver schedule.


  10. Very cute quilt. It would keep my UFO’s company– although I think I would be more inclined to finish this than some of mine…..


  11. How cute is that?!! I would LOVE to give your quilt-in-progress a good home! (I could give Belle a good home, too, but I’m sure she doesn’t come with the quilt… 🙂


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