Piles and piles of fabric…

Linda is on her way home after having been here since last Tuesday. We worked on two up-coming books. One book is about appliqueing with wool in combination with cotton and linen fabrics. I can’t show you any projects but I can show you a pile of fabric that I will use to make a table runner. Just looking at the colors makes me happy!


We also went to McKinney to shop for fabric (twice) at both The Quilt Asylum and Happiness is Quilting. We are also working on a revision of our Piecing book and we needed new fabric for those quilts. I won the spending contest, but not by a whole lot :-). My fabric is now washed and folded (Linda helped me with that). Paul will wash her fabric when she gets home.

Most of the fabrics in my piles, below, are from our shopping trips, and some is from my stash. I’m sure that these fabrics will be joined by others as I make the quilts on my list.


The fabric I bought seemed so much bigger when it was in the shopping bags than it does when it has been neatly folded and stacked. I suppose that’s a good thing—otherwise I would need another closet for my stash.


6 thoughts on “Piles and piles of fabric…

  1. I love the quilt asylum, but my step son and daughter in law just moved to Houston..from Mc Kinney..can’t believe
    you live in a town without a quilt shop…


  2. I am always in awe of folks with such wonderful color skills. I can see that those pieces are from many, many different lines but look at how nicely they play together. I can finally “see” that working hard not to have all mediums in a quilt but some fabrics from the very lights to the darks are need to bring some energy to the mix.


    • You know, when Linda and I shop, we go through and pick up fat quarters in colors we are interested in. Sometimes we pick up a lot from specific collections but more often than not, we graze the entire shop. Once we have a nice group of fat quarters chosen, we sort them by color to see what might be missing or we identify fabrics that we want more of. You might try that the next time you fabric shop :-).


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