Too many choices…

I spent much of Sunday piecing and listening to TED talks. This one, given by Barry Schwartz, was particularly interesting to me. I hope you enjoy it, too.

We believe that more choices are always better when, in fact, that is not always the case. To bring that idea home to quilters, here’s a thought: Have you ever felt over-whelmed when you are trying to choose fabric for a quilt? If your stash is over-flowing and you have visited every quilt shop in your area, it’s probably not that you just haven’t found the perfect fabric—it’s that you can’t decide which of the hundreds of great choices is best for you. In this case, it is helpful to limit your choices so that you can begin to make decisions.






3 thoughts on “Too many choices…

  1. Becky – Greta TED talk!! You’re right, I have too many fabric choices. My most beautiful fabric pulls usually arise from the accident of two unrelated fabrics sitting out on a table getting ready to put away. Food for thought – thank you!


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