A new quilt show!

I just returned from Midway, UT, where the very first Small Town Quilt Show – In a big way! was held. Midway is a lovely place; it is only 10 minutes from Park Cities if that helps you to get a fix on it. The event was held at the Zermatt Resort and it’s a place I would happily return to.

I didn’t take pictures of the usual quilt show things because I was too busy either teaching, or shopping, to do that. There was, however, one vendor who had some really fun things made from wool. Yes, I could make these coasters but it was so much nicer to buy them!


There were some exceedingly cute sock monkeys hanging on the front of the booth (and I wasn’t the only one who thought so). As it turns out they were made by Andrew, the grandson of the lady in charge. Did I get her name? Sigh, I did not. However, the receipt is from Winnie Press. This is Andrew’s very first sock monkey, made when he was 8 or 9…

AndrewsSockMonkey-01 copy copy

He follows his own monkey-making muse, rather than a strict pattern…

AndrewsSockMonkey-02 copy

The monster was my favorite :-).

AndrewsSockMonkey-03 copy

Andrew is older by a couple of years or so now, and still making monkeys. Honestly, he could go into business… there were a lot of us who would have happily bought one of his creations. Instead, I bought a kit for Jack. He’s 6, and probably a bit young for this. Or not!


7 thoughts on “A new quilt show!

  1. The coasters are fabulous – is there a website where they can be ordered? And the sock monkeys are also fabulous – esp. the “primitive” stitching with the knot right on top of the star on that first one. Artists struggle to get that look. Also excellent use of color and pattern – the boy’s got a great eye!


      • I found an email address on their Facebook page. They offer an unusual combination of printing and crafting… but nice! Interesting classes for kids. I sent an email asking if they sell the coasters. I’ll let you know when I hear back. I wrote to Nancy at the address below.

        For info on custom design, letterpress printing, and classes: meredith@winniepress.com

        For info on felting and felted goods: Nancy at njsjones@comcast.net


  2. Heard back from Nancy already! Yes, they do have some coasters to sell; also other items (trivets, square coasters). She’s going to get back to me later today after she checks her inventory. An astoundingly fast response! Will keep you posted!


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