TAS (the applique society)…

I flew to Seattle on Monday for two lovely days of teaching for The Applique Society’s retreat at Seabeck. This was their 10th retreat and it was great fun. The retreat space is both rustic and modern (there’s wifi, but no TV :-)) surrounded by beautiful grounds. We could see water—Hood Canal—and (when the clouds cleared) the Olympic Mountain.

There were about 50 enthusiastic quilters and two teachers. Half the group were with me one day, the other half the next. After two days of class, they had one more day of just fun without any classes. To me, that sounds like an excellent retreat.

These ladies come from all over the Pacific NW and they have formed good friendships. If you are an appliquer in this part of the world, you ought to search them out!

I wish I had taken pictures but I tend to live in the moment when I am working/teaching and mostly forget to grab the camera. Instead I’m adding this picture that I almost could have taken there, except that I didn’t.


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