Show and tell…

I received a new show and tell email that I get to share with you.

Janet Elia says:

About a year ago I requested and you granted permission for me to submit my version of Aunt Millie’s Garden in AQS Quilt week shows …. well my “Funky Garden on Red” has done well for herself! I’ve attached a picture of my quilt with her Paducah Ribbon!

JanetElia-AuntMillieAt The Gathering in NH she received a Second place on Overall Craftsmanship, 2014 AQS Chattanooga an Honorable Mention, and in the 2015 AQS Paducah show a Third Place in Large Bed Home Machine Quilting!!

I am tickled pink… or rather Red!! and want to Thank you for creating a wonderful pattern that so many have enjoyed making! Love the all-blue quilt you posted last week – that’s a stunner!

Thank you and keep creating beautiful patterns!

Linda and I both love seeing how you all use our patterns to make your quilts and this one is no exception. Janet, your quilt is lovely. Congratulations on the ribbons!

8 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Becky, I have seen versions of Aunt Millie’s Garden (am I recalling the pattern name correctly?) at several quilt shows here in Iowa, and almost always they are wearing a ribbon. It looks beautiful in every color variation!


  2. This has been on my wish list for ages. My best friend and I were quilt shopping and she picked up the pattern for Aunt Millie’s. I overheard her say to the shop owner she was going to give it to me as a thank you for helping for her wedding. It’s been a year and a half and I’ve not seen it yet – guess I’ll have to buy it after all. I think she decided to keep it – lol.


  3. Congratulations, Janet! I just saw this on the AQS website too. I wish the photo was larger, it looks like there are some pretty details in there.

    Thanks, Becky! Wouldn’t it be interesting to collect images of all the different colourways that have been made for this quilt?


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