Show and tell…

I love show and tell! Today I have two quilts to share with you… should it be show and tells? First up is Sharon Hendrix’s version of Lorna’s Vine


She wrote:

I recently completed one of your patterns, Lorna’s Vine, from your book Amish-Inspired. I hand applique and hand quilted the quilt. Thru the years I have completed many Piece O’ Cake quilts.

My piece is hand quilted by me in Gutterman thread in a lime green color, it reads very neutral against the red fabrics.


Sharon, you did a fabulous job! I love the change you made to the wheel block. I don’t know that I would have thought to use lime green thread but it definitely works.

Next up is Lynn Tubbe’s version of A Walk In The Mountains, made with wool…


Lynn wrote:

This quilt hung at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) last year, and was awarded Best Use of Embellishment in the traditional category. I really enjoyed modifying your pattern in order to highlight all my wools.  I thought the plaid leaves were especially fun.

This is also a spectacular quilt! I want to congratulate both Sharon and Lynn—very nicely done, indeed!

4 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Both quilts are stunning with compelling color work. Amish Inspired is a book I’m looking forward to digging into. Like Becky’s sons, I’m hooked on those quilts! I am so thrilled with the lime green quilting thread looking neutral on the red ground! I’m gong to drop everything today and make some tiny samples as a reference.


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