Kauai Road…

Having the line drawing of the palm trees and telephone poles helps a lot. All through this process, I could see how they would fill up the foreground. The sky, mountains, and bushes on the sides of the road are really background.

Once the mountains were in place, I went back to the road and began cutting fabric for the bushes and trees, but it was slow going. I then turned my attention to the sky, which is mostly cloudy. (It is, in fact, very often cloudy in this spot on Kauai.)

Kauai Road 5

Finding the right fabrics for the sky was hard!!!—so I went back to the greenery :-).

Kauai Road 6

There is a car in my photo, but it’s isn’t red. It needs to be red!


After getting a lot of the foreground trees and poles cut, I went back to the sky. It was still hard, but I stuck with it. I did have to go buy some fat quarters which was a surprise. It’s getting closer to being ready to take off the wall!


14 thoughts on “Kauai Road…

  1. I have always wanted to take a photo and turn it into a fiber picture…..you have inspired me…once again…this evening going to pick a photo…..thanks again…..for ALL you do….bless you…


  2. Love it! I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. I live in the dest and LOVE the colors here. One of these days…..


  3. Just great! The road is as brilliant as the colorful areas–gives a person that relaxed flat well worn path feeling when embarking. I like the pale fossil ferns for fooling around with sky. Your sky fabrics are looking good!


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