Kauai Road, off the wall…

Here it is, with the fabric cut and the overlay in place. The power lines are an important part of the design that will be added nearly at the end of the stitching.


I’m going to sew all the shapes together by hand, mostly in an applique-ish sort of say. I took off all of the shapes that sit on top of the ‘background’.


Next, I took it off of my design wall and almost had a disaster. Each shape had multiple pins sticking directly into the wall. I held the bottom of the muslin base layer and slowly pulled the whole thing off the wall. I’ve done this before and the pins held everything in place. This time, some pieces fell off or shifted. It happened so fast I couldn’t even swear at it :-).

I managed to get it on my dining room table, with all of the pieces back where I think they went. That took a little while. Next time I’ll pin much more securely before I take it off the wall.


You might be wondering why I didn’t just glue the shapes in place. I don’t like glue, that’s why. I may change my mind at some point but for now, no glue for me.

Basting took a while but that’s OK. This project is not about speed, it’s more of a journey.


Hand sewing this is going to take a while. I’ll post updates as it comes along.

10 thoughts on “Kauai Road, off the wall…

  1. At first I wondered how you’d be able to translate the photo into the quilt. Well, now I know and it’s looking great. I love seeing the progress you’re making!


  2. That is just the way it looks! I love the road to Hanalei and your interpretation!! Gives me inspiration for some work I can do from my own photos! Enjoy Munich!


  3. It looks beautiful! Have you seen the method used by Laura Heine for her collage quilts? Rather than a lightweight muslin, she uses a very lightweight cotton voile, that comes 60″ wide. I’m in the middle of working on a collage quilt. Also instead of hand sewing/appliqueing, I’m using a fusible, that will be further anchored down with the quilting. She (L. Heine) suggests using Steam a Seam, but I prefer Soft Fuse because it is so much lighter. I pin my pieces to the Voile,(removing backing papaer first) which I’ve drawn the basic design on, pin right through the fabric pieces to a large display piece of carboard (like the science fair boards that I’ve reinforced the folds with yardsticks) and when I’m ready, I can move the entire thing to a flat surface,remove pins section at a time, and iron in place. It’s a different type of procedure, but I like it. It’s fun to see how different people go through their work process. Can’t wait to see Munich!


    • I may end up using some voile on a future project, but didn’t have any on hand for this one. The muslin is very light, almost like voile.

      I could have used fusible, it is faster, but that’s not the look I’m after. I am going to turn the edges under and sew them. But I can see the appeal of fusible.

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  4. Watching the progress of this quilt is fascinating. I’ll be eager to learn more about it and see further progress. I hope you have a marvelous trip!


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