Show and Tell…

It’s time to break up the vacation posts with a quilt! This is Jackie Hillman’s Whimsical Quilt Garden — isn’t it lovely!


It’s a quilt you could stand in front of and savor for a long time. So many cute details!

FYI: If this is a pattern you want, order it soon. The pattern is going out of print and I still have some in stock. Once those are gone, it will only be available as a digital ebook.


Thank you, Jackie, for sharing your quilt with us!



16 thoughts on “Show and Tell…

  1. Spectacular! I love the colors. The circles, so many circles!! in so many colors is very captivating. Love it. Thank you for sharing 😆😆😉


  2. Jackie, I am in complete awe of your talent! You did a spectacular job on this adorable quilt and I just love it. What a great piece of art…You can be so proud!


    • You are so seeet to say that. A beautiful pattern makes for a beautiful quilt regardless of the color way! I increased the blocks to 10” and it now hangs in a new baby girl’s room!


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