Wednesday Giveaway

NOTE: the newsletter was wrong—an error on my part. Sigh. The Thimble Pack Plus is next week.

Mary Harvey is this week’s winner. She will receive a copy of The Magical Unicorn pattern pack. The cardboard envelope is a little bent, the the pattern and instructions are A-OK. There’s plenty of time to make a unicorn quilt (or quilts!) for Christmas :-).

Shop for this and more :-). See you next week!

66 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Spray bottles are great teaching tools along with firm ‘negative’ sounds. My cats figured out quickly that negative sounds meant stop! Or water would mysteriously hit them. 🙂


  2. I made this quilt for my granddaughter. It is so adorable!! So is the thimble pack plus you mentioned in your email. Either is a wonderful giveaway!!


  3. My 3 yr. old granddaughter lives in the Philipphines right now and she just loves unicorns. This would be a wonderful gift to make her when she comes to visit in October. 🙂 Thank you for opportunity to enter your Wednesday give away.


  4. I would love to try and make the unicorn quilt for my great grand daughter…she loves Unicorns
    and knows that they are real…


  5. I thought it was thimbles? But my Niece is expecting a baby any day now and a Unicorn quilt would be so fun to do! Add it to Baby W’s collection of quilts she’s acquiring from me. This one lives close enough I get to babysit and get all those wonderful baby hugs!


  6. Blame your confusion on Jim. Kittens will do that to you. Oh, you have taken me back to the first weeks of our letting a small gold kitten into our house many years ago. I had forgotten that they are oblivious to human beings at first (much less manners!) and totally occupied with exploring every aspect of their new environment. I want to adopt an adult cat but my husband says he would miss the fun kitten stuff. Hah! Keep the Jim stories coming and I may change his mind yet.


    • He knocked over a Christmas cactus in the bathroom this morning. The saucer hit the floor and broke, but the pot landed right side up in the trash bin. It was a small mesh, but the plant survived. It’s going to have to move to somewhere else now…

      Plants. Jim loves plants. I’ve started some cat grass. Maybe that will keep him happy.



  7. I have two granddaughters that love everything princess and unicorn. I would love to have this pattern to make for them.


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