Heirloom thimbles…

After last week’s Time Out, Noela Burks wrote in to tell me about her thimble! She wrote:

I, like many people, have tried many thimbles and many things that were not actually thimbles but worked as thimbles😂. Years ago I was blessed with a family thimble that I believe was my great grandmothers. It is my prized possession and works like a charm. It is very small(I have thin fingers) and fits like it was made for my hands. I was inspired to share after the video! Here is a picture-

I love Noela’s story and I really love her thimble :-). It is in amazingly good shape. I suspect my grandmother had a thimble and I have no idea where it ended up. I will be sure that my own thimbles are handed down… later. When I don’t use them so much. Which will be when I’m 111.

FYI: My birthday is January 11, 1/11. It is my hope and aspiration to be alert and active enough to celebrate my 111th birthday on that day! It’s good to have a plan 🙂

11 thoughts on “Heirloom thimbles…

  1. I love your antique thimble! I have a grandmother’s also which fits me perfectly. I use mine as needed. My callous is usually enough but when it begins to twinge, I pick up on of my thimbles.


  2. I believe my Grandma quilted, but she passed before I was old enough to remember her. However, I have several prized thimbles which will go to my quilter daughter. With 2 great grands, I’m hoping for a sewer/quilter among them. Sure wish I lived closer!


  3. My Grandmother Selton taught me (in the ’50s) to sew and at the same time showed me how to use a thimble. I now use one of her thimbles that fits my arthritic finger darn good. Love how things “come around”. Thanks for sharing the beautiful thimble from Noela.


  4. It is always fun to listen to stories that have been passed down. I have an older thimble too, but mine is the same shape but is plain. It fits like it was made for me. I enjoy seeing different kinds of thimbles. If I lived long enough for my birthday, I would be 621 so my goal is 105. Five is my favorite number. That still gives us lots of years for using our thimbles. Thank you for sharing.


  5. What a beautiful old thimble and a great keepsake. My grandmother crocheted, and if any of her stuff survived, it probably went to my older cousins and siblings. I was 17 when she passed.


  6. Good luck on wanting to reach the ripe old age of 111!
    My own mother, whose birthday was 1/17/07, wanted to reach 100 years of age,
    but made it to 95. She said she wanted to be recognized on TV by Willard Scott,
    along with other centagenarians!
    She was not a quilter, but did have a Grandmother’s Garden hexagon quilt in her
    UFO pile. I always wanted to work on that UFO, but it got thrown out due to mold.


  7. My birthday is also 1/11 and I use my Great Grandmother’s thimble.. She would be 135 this fall and we were great friends. Her thimble is a bit big for me, but I’ve gotten used to it and love using it. It appears to be brass and is quite plain. There is a tiny stamp that says “Germany” on it, but little else. She was full blooded Norwegian and the family’s first quilter. I am the second.


    • There are a lot of us born on the 1/11. Not to be indelicate, but I suspect we represent the celebration of spring by our parents :-).

      Glad you have, and use, your grandmother’s thimble!



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