Show and tell…

Kathy McCalla also finished her Searching for Beauty quilt—I love the way she combined a traditional setting with the very non-traditional applique designs! Kathy wrote:

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful Covid patterns. I love to applique and this was especially fun to help us remember 2020.

The lock design in the quilting is totally perfect!

I know that at some point the memories of this year will fade (because that’s what memories do) and that these quilts will remind us of what we have lived through to get to the other side.

Kathy, thank you for sharing your lovely quilt with us!

If any of you are looking for the free Searching for Beauty applique pattern, click here.

Show and tell…

Nancy Schmidt from Granville, OH, sent me pictures of her finished Searching for Beauty quilt. It is wonderful! Here is what Nancy wrote:

It was a joy working your pattern and especially creating the background fabric. The photos on the back side includes face masks I made, and reminders of hand washing and social distancing. Please note I added your name to the label because you provided so much inspiration for this project. What fun It was to make and will bring back memories of this strange event in time.

The photos on the back, along with the pieced squares, really are a nice touch!

Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your quilt with us! Your quilt truly does capture this strange time in our lives.

Click here to find the free Searching for Beauty pattern.

Show and tell…

Sidney Slaughter found Beauty in Covid-19 2020…

Sidney, I love your quilt! It is happy and exuberant—two things we all need to try to be, now and always. Thank you for sharing it with us! If you would like to make your own Searching for Beauty quilt, click here to find the FREE pattern.

Show and tell…

Amy Lumley sent me photos of her recently completed Searching for Beauty quilt. I love the fabric choices, especially the border fabric that goes so perfectly with her blocks. Here’s what Amy wrote:

Please look closely at the label on the back. I’m still working during the day but every night I looked forward to working on this wall hanging. You do beautiful work. Thank you for offering this to us. 

That’s George, Amy’s cat, on the quilt back. She says that “he is always in my photos as he thinks ever quilt I own (which is a lot) is his”. I have a cat like that too

Show and tell…

Lynn Savage has finished her COVID-19 themed quilt that features Block 1 from Searching for Beauty. I love it!!!! The little versions of the virus and the mix of bigger and smaller black and white prints make the bigger blocks stand out.

Well done, Lynn, and thank you for sharing your happy quilt :-).