Little Things for a Quilter’s Stocking…

Here are some nifty ideas for your favorite hand sewing enthusiast:

The new Thread Tamers are at the top of my list because they make every thread happy :-). And it only makes sense to make your hands happy too with a LoLo To-Go size body bar. We have several lovely scents, and unscented Plain Jane, to choose from.

The Classic Pencil Set includes a General’s white charcoal pencil, Blackwing firm graphite pencil, and a Two-Step Sharpener—perfect for most marking jobs.

The new Take Along Mini Color Wheel is a perfect gift! It is packed with color info at a very small and handy size.

Sewers use all sorts of things to hold pieces of fabric together. You can’t go wrong with any (or all) of these: Quilter’s Select Glue Pen (don’t forget the refills for added gluing pleasure), Fine Magic Quilting Pins, And Mini Wonder Clips.

The Patchwork Scissor from KAI is an excellent choice for any sewist. It is a serrated, all-purpose scissor with a comfortable grip. Pair it with a super-cute scissor charm for even more good cheer!

And because threading needles can be a chore, the gift of an Easy Needle Threader will be much appreciated :-).

If you have questions about these or any other items on the site, please do email Lorna ( or Becky ( Happy stitching!

5 thoughts on “Little Things for a Quilter’s Stocking…

  1. I have many of the items that are in this post and all are helpful. But the very best one is the Lolo Bars. I ran across your blog on Lolo Bars around the time I was working on a wool BOM and my hands were a mess. I had splits on my fingertips that no matter what I tried didn’t have any effect but the Lolo Bar helped them heal.


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