For Your College Student

My oldest grandchild is a sophomore in college this year. Like so many, last year she went to school remotely from her bedroom. She’s still nearby, but living away from home for the first time—very exciting!

Me, Elanor, Lorna

If there is a young adult newly living on their own in your life, here are a few gift ideas that they might really appreciate :-).

Everyone should have sewing needles on hand. The Pebbles Household Needle Assortment from John James is perfect, and you can pair it with this Set of 5 Neutral Bobbins. I would add a pair of 4 3/4˝ KAI scissors because they cut well, are a good size for many jobs, and come with their own sheath.

If your college student is anything like ours, organization is VERY important! Take a look at Yazziis. I especially like the smaller pouches. It’s easy to see what’s inside and they are easy to tuck into backpacks and bags.

A LoLo Cuticle Intensive and a LoLo Moisture Bar are skin savers, especially this time of year. This gift is a reminder for self-care.

And then there is the Lap App! This wonderful tool can be used with books, a laptop, and more. Watch the video below to see it in action. Elanor loves her Lap App with the Dark Feathers fabric cover, and uses it with her laptop.

Happy gifting!

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