Gifts for the Guys

Let’s not forget that men need moisturizing too! LoLo body bars are perfect for dry hands and more. I have two new scents in the store, Mr. Darcy and Edmund along with Plain Jane (unscented) are very nice for men as are the other scents. They all do the same fantastic job we are used to from LoLo—keeping our skin looking and feeling great.

My guys, young and old, all love good pencils as much as I do, and Blackwing pencils by Palomino are my #1 pick every time.

Grandson Jack loves to sketch. Son Chris writes notes in the margins of books while reading, and he keeps logs of various projects and recipes in notebooks.

Blackwing also makes notebooks, extra-special pencil sharpeners, point guards, and they all make wonderful gifts.

I highly recommend their One-Step Sharpener in the video above. It’s a good idea to order extra blades to have on hand. For the pencils, I gravitate toward the firm and extra firm graphites, especially. The medium and soft are different, giving a darker line with less pressure.

When it comes to notebooks, the sets of Clutch Notebooks or the Slate Notebooks are a joy to write in. The paper feels good under both pen and pencil. I like blank notebooks, but the ones with lines are just as nice.

Lastly, a Lap Apps is a lovely gift good for anyone to use with tablets, books, or hand sewing. Click here to see a video that shows oh-so-many ways to use it.

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