Show and tell… Whimsical Quilt Garden

Renee Thompson wrote to say that she thought I might enjoy this—and she was right! Thank you, Renee for sharing your Whimsical Garden quilt with us :-).

I started to appliqué these blocks when I retired, with fabrics that I purchased ages ago. It’s really out of my wheelhouse now, since I work primarily in 1800’s reproduction fabrics.

I really enjoyed every bit of the handwork; and this is my favorite surface quilting project because of the wide open spaces. 

It’s currently in my dining room, amid the primitive decor, just because I find it delightful during the dreary months of March and April in Wisconsin!

Renee, I love the way you set your blocks—the sashing is perfect. And I also like the floating hexie flowers in the border. Nice choices all. Thank you again for sharing.

The blocks are from our book, My Whimsical Quilt Garden, that is now only available in an ebook format.

10 thoughts on “Show and tell… Whimsical Quilt Garden

  1. Renee, this is such a cheerful quilt. I’d love to hang it year-round in my home. I always love to see when someone uses different fabrics from the original pattern design. Proof positive that the pattern works for so many folks. I think it would be lovely in wool, too. ❤️❤️❤️ I’ll just add it to my ever growing list. Hah!


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