Show and tell…

Jill Isakson sent these photos and the story about this lovely ribbon-winning quilt made by her, Linda Neal, and quilted by Richard Larson The oak leaf border is from my pattern, The Anniversary Quilt. which is in our ebook, Flowering Favorites.

My Lucky Stars, whose applique border is based on your design from the Anniversary Quilt has received a 3rd place award at AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, KY. I did the fabric selection, overall design and piecing, Linda Neal appliquéd our adaptation of your border design, and Richard Larson did the fabulous quilting. Thank you for your inspiration and beautiful border design. It truly is the icing on the cake.  

Regards – Jill Isakson

Well done Jill, Linda, and Richard and thank you for sharing your exciting quilt with us all!

4 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. what a bright and cheerful interpretation of Becky’s designed border. Know it will bring pleasure to it recipient. You three make a great team.


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