Show and tell…

Gail Rowland wrote to say:

I wanted to email you long before now. I truly enjoyed making this quilt with all my heart. I’ll admit I made some errors…. The biggest was jumping in without all my fabrics selected. Some struggle in that area but learned some much. 

Thank you for designing a wonderful very versatile composition. I have seen your pattern done in many color ways with much success. I can imagine that feels so good. 

Gail’s quilt was a winner in the Dallas Quilt Show where I was a judge. Her quilt is as pretty in person as it is here! Below is a photo of the quilt wearing it’s ribbon:

Gail embroidered around many of the lighter applique shapes which helped them to be more visible against the background. It is a nice touch!

Thank you, Gail, for sharing your quilt at the show and here! FYI: the pattern is Aunt MIllie’s Garden and you can find the epattern here.

Show and tell…

Kim Jasko sent this photo of a quilt she recently finished (for an anniversary milestone) using what she calls ‘Becky’s Birds’, designs from our book, ‘My Whimsical Quilt Garden‘. Truth be told, the birds are more Linda’s birds than mine :-).

Kim plans on displaying her quilt every May.

The base design is from Amanda Murphy. I think this is an excellent mash-up of two different quilt patterns. Well done, Kim, and thank you for sharing!

Show and tell…


Jeneen Conway sent me the photo of her quilt with this message:

It’s been a few years since I took your applique “big stitch” class in Bloomington, IN.  I didn’t tell you that I had been working on this pinwheel quilt for some time. Took your wall hanging, redesigned it, re-drew the borders, and chose to make a 360 degree rainbow around the 16 pinwheels. It has been a labor of love and now it is a king size quilt on my bed!  Thank you for the tips you share. I truly learned to needle turn applique through the books that you and Linda created. I thought you would like to see a finished picture.

Thank you, Jeneen, for sending me the story of your quilt! It’s lovely and I am so happy that you are enjoying it on your bed!