An Everyday Best Challenge!

Valerie Prideaux sent me these photos from a friendly quilt challenge that she and some friends took part in. The quilts were recently displayed at Quilts at the Creek 2014, a yearly outdoor quilt show in Toronto, Canada. Aren’t they great! All the quilts were quilted by Sandy Lindal of Scrappy Gal Quilt Co, who was so busy doing the quilting that she never got hers done.

FYI: I’ve loaded the 6 pictures into a slideshow, which is a new feature I’ve found on WordPress. Hover over the picture and you’ll see a pop-up control bar where you can click to go from slide to slide.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shirley entitled hers “One Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty pieces of my mind” which cracks me up. I have never taken the time to count the pieces in any quilt I’ve made because, if I knew, I might despair of ever finishing :-).

I do love Valerie’s minimalist interpretation of the design—so very contemporary. Thank you all, for sharing your work!

6 thoughts on “An Everyday Best Challenge!

  1. Those quilts are the same but different — love all the interpretations of your pattern!! And, no, I’ve never counted the pieces in any of my quilts, even the small ones!!


  2. This pattern is my #1 Lifetime Project. I finally have the center circles all assembled…and I am seriously proud of myself btw. I’m not planning on doing the applique around it, but I love seeing the different fabrics used in the borders…great ideas. You would think that once I got the hard part done (all those pieces in those arcs!!!) I’d be eager to do the borders and finish up – but I think that because there was so much involved with the circles that I’m obsessing on the borders being absolutely perfect….eventually I’ll wise up and just do it!


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