Which do you prefer?


I’ve written before about the 52 Week Photo Challenge online class that I’m taking from Ricky Tims. Best class ever! This week’s assignment is how to add a text overlay to a photo.—yet another cool thing that you can do in Photoshop that I had no idea existed.

I’ve taken 3 photos (Splish is one of them) and I like them all. If you have a bit of time, please do click here and then leave a comment on this post telling me which one you like the best.

Choosing the word(s) was the hardest part of this photo challenge. The same thing is true when you add words to a quilt, as I wrote about in this post. Text is powerful. It draws the eye and, no matter how big or small it is, what you say can dominate a design. The quilt that I made after that post is called Say Something (below), which is in The Quilter’s Practical Guide To Color.

The words take up a small percentage of the space on the quilt, but they are the focal point, dominating the design. This is good to remember when you want to make what may be a simple quilt into a more complex statement.

Update: Thank you all for your comments! I’ve decided to submit the car photo because I like it as is. After reading your comments, I think I need to make the word “splish” more legible in the water photo and I don’t have time today to do that. So, the car photo it is and I can mark that off the list. Thanks!

26 thoughts on “Which do you prefer?

  1. I like I Spy because I’m intruded – I want to look through the hole and see what’s there. Although I very much liked your other pics, I Spy told a story and pulled me in.


  2. I like “splish”. The simplicity of the composition makes it compelling.
    “i spy” also makes a big impact, but I don’t think the text is visible enough. Could just be my monitor, of course.
    Thanks for sharing your photos!


  3. Splish has so much movement, I can almost hear the bubbles coming to the surface!
    The pic with the car has clearer wording, for my eyes, anyway! Great pics, thanks for sharing.


  4. Becky,
    I liked Splish the best. I Spy didn’t move me. I loved the truck, but not so fond of the word on it. I have loved the assignments you’ve shown us. You have a wonderful “eye” for this class!


  5. Well – these old eyes don’t see the words much in two of them – so I like displace since I can differentiate the word from the back ground. I still like to be included.


  6. It is fun to add text to photos – so many choices, so little time! I choose and like the “displaced” car photo for the best text. The chosen style and size text and placement balances out the photo quite well. The water photo is gorgeous and I like the choice of word. However, I think the chosen text style does not compliment the photo and is “wishy-washy”. As for the hole in the wall, to me the style of the text does not compliment the photo but I like the words choice.
    I like the comments you made about how you made changes to your photos. It would be even more interesting to see both the before and after photos.


  7. The “I spy” wasn’t sharp enough for me but maybe that was your point. I like both of the other ones fro different reasons. The water one I liked with the colors. The grass/trees were darker and stood out. To really make a fair comparison I’d have to see the same photograph done with different fonts or whatever you changed.


  8. It’s a tie for me between Splish and I Spy. I love the movement of the water in Splish, but I Spy is mor complex and intriguing. I envy you this course!


  9. I liked “Splish” because of the movement of the water. I had problems with “I Spy” because the text was not particularly visible as well as being a distance from the focal point of the hole above the latch.


  10. I like birth I Spy and Splish for different reasons. I Spy is intriguing, makes you look carefully to find the words, wonder at what is hinding, lovely color choices. Splish is a more obvious choice, can be peaceful or noisy, definitely cooling and calming, doesn’t make you think about what is happening. Still all three pictures are great.


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