Mile High Chiffon Pie

My very good friend, Laurie Mealy, shared her grandmother’s recipe with me. I made it today. Mine is lumpy (no, that isn’t corn!) but it tastes great! It wasn’t particularly hard to make and will be a lot easier the next time. Here’s a link to the recipe:

Laurie’s Grandmother’s Mile High Chiffon Pie


And here’s the recipe as a JPG. Below it you will find the original recipe. Laurie’s grandmother obviously knew what she was doing. My recipe has more instruction so that the next time I make it, I’ll have a better chance of it not being lumpy :-).

Lauries Grandmothers MileHighChiffonPie.jpg

Lauries Grandmothers MileHighChiffonPie.jpeg

16 thoughts on “Mile High Chiffon Pie

  1. Lemon Chiffon pie was one of my mother’s favorite desserts, so we had it frequently when I was still at home – at least once a month. My SIL made one the last time all of us were together and my mother didn’t cook any more, so there are a lot of memories attached to the pie. Have never made one myself, but might be inspired to give it a try the next time I need a pie for something. Thanks for the memories (and recipe), Becky.


  2. I have this recipe from Stone’s restaurant in Marshaltown, Iowa. My parents stopped there on their honeymoon in 1941. It has been a family favorite every since. I have an original recipe from the restaurant. Marilyn


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