Show and Tell, Whimsical Quilt Garden…

Fazie Mohamed sent me this photo of her wonderful quilt and the story to go with it… This is her first applique quilt!

I love all your patterns and I am a new applique quilter. My quilt guild had an exhibition in February 2023 and when I found out about the exhibition last June, I challenged myself to make my first applique quilt to enter into the exhibition.

With your pattern and help from my quilting friends, I was able to finish my quilt and entered it into the exhibition. 

Attached is a photo taken at the exhibition and my quilt won an Honorable Mention award. Thanks for inspiring me with your wonderful pattern. I added a whimsical tree, birdhouse, lots of crystals, etc.

Fazie Mohamed

Well done, Fazie! You made a lovely quilt and I love the border you added to it! Thank you for sharing it with all of us :-).

Click here if you are interested in making your own Whimsical Quilt Garden quilt.

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