There’s something new…

In fact, there are several new things on the Piece O’ Cake web site. You can pre-order the next book, Applique Outside the Lines.

There’s the new Tulip Basket ePattern that is FREE with any purchase!

And two new Santa Claus ePatterns: Dinner at Santa’s Table Runner

…and an ePattern with both Santa in the Woods and He’s Checking His List.

Yard art?

I keep my eyes open for interesting compositions when I’m on my morning walk. Flower pots, cinder blocks, and the like are things that I don’t leave out in the yard so I noticed when saw this stuff neatly stacked next to a fence in Pigeon Forge. I like this – although I would remove the cinder blocks.

Symmetry isn’t everything…

The front doors of the Huisache Grill in New Braunfels, Texas, are painted different colors. It’s eye-catching. Why? Because it’s unexpected, different.

When you are designing a quilt it helps to remember that unexpected touches stand out and draw the eye.

By the same token, trees don’t always stand up straight. This tree, which seems to be waving, ought to be next door to the Huisache Grill, but it’s not. It’s miles away in Fredericksburg, TX.