Show and tell…

Lynn Lawery Hyman finished her Sizzle quilt (yay!) and she sent me a photo. Thank you Lynn, for sharing your lovely quilt with us! FYI: Sizzle was the 2019 block of month that I designed for The Quilt Show. It will be available sometime in the next year as a book/pattern from C&T.

I did some minor editing (1st photo) in Photoshop, then I did a little more color correcting (2nd photo).

Which colorway do you think is truer to the quilt? Does it matter? I like both versions so much that I couldn’t decide which to post, so you get to see them both.

Wednesday Giveaway

Mustangmammy is this week’s winner and she will receive a set of Green Yazzii Craft Pouches. The set includes 3 individual zippered pockets have quilted fabric on one side and see-through windows to make it easier to find what you are hunting for. I use these things all the time!

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Show and tell…

Beth North wrote to say: “Finally all done!” Isn’t her Bullseye quilt fantastic! I love the colors she chose.

Beth also wrote:

Thank you for creating this pattern. It was hung at the reception hall for decorations. Love the outcome. Your You Tube videos were very helpful. I took class, but was over a year ago in Spokane, WA. One tends to forget. Again,  thank you

It is so nice to see the finished quilt. Thank you, Beth, for sharing!

Show and tell…

Jeanne Brenner sent me photos of the quilt made by members of Quilters Limited in Tallahassee for their opportunity quilt for the annual Capital City Quilt Show. The quilt show theme is Jazz It up, so they named ours Jazzy Garden. It is hand appliqued by many of quilters who took my class students, and it is hand quilted.

The blocks are in our ebook, Aunt Millie’s Garden. The border is similar to—but very differebnt from—the border in the pattern. Click here to find the ebook.

Show dates have not been announced yet, but the winning ticket will be drawn on the last day of the event.

Jeanne also sent a picture of her own quilt, made a few years ago with a different background….I love to see the difference fabric selection makes.

Both quilts are amazing! Well done and thank you for sharing!

Yoga… who knew!

I’ll be home tomorrow and back to posting about quilting but here’s one more yoga post.

Our graduation ceremony was on the beach as the sun was setting. We made a ‘tunnel of love’ to run through, one at a time, to receive our diploma.

The light from the setting sun was very glowy. If you consider that I’ve only been practicing yoga for a couple of years, it’s amazing to me that I am now a certified yoga teacher.

Group photo on the beach. I’m in there, second row, right side. You can take the 200-hour certification course anywhere, but going to a place like the Zen Spirit Center is pretty nice. It’s remote so the only distractions come from nature.

It’s hard to take a photo of people in yoga poses when you are in the middle of your own pose, so I don’t have any to share. The next photo is of me, Amanda, Cathy, and Sophie after our last practicum in our yoga shala, the space where we practiced most of the time.

I didn’t usually carry my phone on our sunrise meditation walks but I loved the reflections so much that I took my phone once, to capture the moment.

The tides moved in and out a lot more than I thought they would. Maybe because the beach was so flat. When it was like this, the reflections from the sky were crazy amazing.

Our last sunset on the beach after graduation was spectacular! We watched, and watched, and took pictures, and watched some more. I will miss this, and the stars in the dark night sky.

I am grateful to have had the chance to take part in this class. I am thankful that I had two such great teachers (Liz Heffernan and Alison Scola) to learn from. I am happy to have traveled along this path with strangers who became friend—except for Andrea, who was already a friend and is now a better friend!

Yoga is more than poses. A consistent yoga practice, combined with a variety of breathing choices, can lead to new ways to enjoy your life. It’s pretty great :-).

Wednesday Giveaway

Sue MacDonald is this week’s winner. She will receive a package of 3/4″ Clover Applique Pins. They are a sturdy pin that many people like for applique. I really like using them on my design wall because they blend in and make it easier to see what’s on the wall.

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