Something orange…

It is still crazy busy at my house. It probably is at your house too so I am not going to complain. Today, I'm just sharing something pretty. Isn't it wonderful that orange has come back! I'm not sure where it was all those years when I ignored it.

OrangeLilies-01 copy

Same flowers, different pose:

OrangeLilies-02 copy 

Click on either photo and they should open for you, bigger.

On top of Mt Elbert…

At_summit_01 copy

I know I have not posted enough in the last week. Here's my excuse and I think it's a good one… Steve is out of town. He and our oldest son, Chris, are camping and hiking in Colorado.

When he's gone I am forced to fend for myself. Now, I know that that I am a very lucky woman in that Steve does all the cooking (except cakes) and all the grocery shopping when he's home. In the summers he does most of my errand running too. All of this in addition to having a real job. Seriously, I know I am blessed. But when he's gone I can hardly keep up!

So I thought I would share the photo he sent, taken yesterday on the summit of Mt. Elbert. It is highest peak in the Rockies in the North America @ 14,000 feet. I'm glad I'm not there because I can't breathe above 10,000 feet. I wonder who took the photo?


Hot sauces and splashes of color…

I'm at the airport, waiting on a plane to go home. I did go back to the North Market this morning for more hot sauce. I got their web address. You can find CaJohns at . It looks like they make all of the hot sauces that they sell.

I took a photo of this lovely lady yesterday. The green of her shirt with the blues in her bag caught my eye and she was nice enough to smile for the camera. I'm sorry to say that I forgot her name – but she saw this post and got in touch! Patricia Dignan is from NZ but has lived in Cincinnati since 1963. When we ran into each other she was with her daughter (who was also lovely, but not dressed in this great shade of green).

image from

I played with photo in an app called Colorsplash. It puts a photo into greyscale and then you 'paint' with your finger to bring back the color. This is way too much fun!

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Hot sauces at the North Market…

I had a 2 hour lunch break between classes and went to the North Market. This building is full of stalls full of tasty things. I got the best ice cream from Jeni’s ( Apparently Oprah loves their ice cream too.

I found a stall full of hot sauces. MY husband and sons LOVE hot sauce.

image from

I got got several bottles for stocking stuffers. I’m not saying what I bought as I don’t want to spoil any surprises. I resisted this one but I may have to go back for it tomorrow.

image from

Lethal ingestion!? It’s sort of hard to resist.

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From Columbus

I’m at the NQA show and there are lovely quilts vendors with great fabric and notions. I’m enjoying visiting with friends, old and new.

I thought I’d share this photo. Not a quilt, just eye candy. The clouds out of the window of the plane made me smile. I think it’s the texture as much as the colors.
I’ve been inspired to make a quilt about how the ground looks from the air, maybe there’s a cloud quilt in my future.

image from

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